Even with the sun at full blast on 清境, its still freezing once i get out from under the blanket. I was shivering when i took this shot below.

We were really fortunate to get our room, the view from balcony was superb, the whole garden was spread out below us. Beside the cold air, it was really a relaxing place to be.


And flowers.

And flowers.

After breakfast, we went to the nearby 小瑞士花園.

With each ticket, there is a free NT$20 coupon.

Saw a couple taking wedding photos there.

The only cafe inside where we can get to use the coupons.

After spending about an hour inside, we got our bags and went to a nearby bus stop, hoping to catch a local bus to our next destination, 清清農場.

Pity. The grass land were green just a month ago.

Sheeps waiting to be fed by tourists.

Horses, big and mini ones for ride!

Coming to a farm like this is really something different from what i have experienced in Taiwan so far. There is nothing much here, in a good sense, so we can really take our time to slowly take everything in and enjoy the scenery and cool weather.

Our pre-arranged driver came at the stipulated time to pick us up and bring us back to 台中.

So its back to the 逢甲夜市 just below our motel room.

This shop, i heard, is a must try for its 魯肉飯 and 麻油湯.

End of day 3.