I have forgotten clean what my resolutions for 2010 were, or if I had any in the first place. But 2010 was a year of blunders, mistakes and moments i wished never had happened. To make 2011 a better year, here are my resolutions for this new year and hopefully, i can look back in 2012 and keep to some of them.

In no order of importance.

1. Be a better son.

2. Be a better driver, more conscious of other drivers.

3. Be healthier, exercise at least twice a week.

4. Cycle to work, frequently.

5. Be more thrifty.

6. Put in more effort in my work. Even though I have plans to leave, I still need to end things nicely.

7. Be more conscious of what i say, what i do, can affect others.

8. Be doing real trades.