Today, both my bosses together gave me  a 15 minute talk, told me what they expect of me for the future now that I am going to be promoted tomorrow. If they were wondering why i had an expressionless face throughout the talk (they did), it was because i didn’t think i was glad or relieved i am to be promoted. I probably have much more emotion washing my car, which i did last weekend.

Why wasn’t i happy? Should i be? Promotion is something to be happy and celebrated, but when I have no faith in the rewarding system in my workplace, no expectations of the way people are managed, I lose sight of the way to go. I go to work and knock off everyday like a zombie, I do what is required but rarely, if ever, motivated to do something extra or special in my work. My fellow colleagues did their part, loyally at times. Yet their departure were always ugly and never failed to encourage me to leave this place sooner.

Should i be happy?