One fine morning, the news of a worried gahmen hit the headlines. Concerned of the temptations of the free shuttle bus on heartlanders, nevermind already the presence of the two casinos and the upcoming direct train services, the free buses were promptly removed two days later.

Hasty? Well, the decision was made by the IRs, though the influence from the gahmen cannot be overstated. Was anyone interested in the percentage of the people who took the bus actually went to the casinos? Will someone who is willing to pay $100 per entry, or $2000 per year, scrimp on transport that he or she has to rely on the free shuttle? Or has someone felt that the free shuttle services has posed a serious alternative to some mainstream transport and thus worried about the potential loss of profits?

From this simple issue over the past few days, its not really hard to see what moves the gahmen in its actions.

The actions of our dear gahmen can really irks the local people sometimes. I for one, can barely believe that our ministers who are paid millions, really act for the good of the people he or she was elected to take care of. No doubt our pool of talented people is small, but do we need a minister who acted purely with the aim of getting the votes in the upcoming election? Is that all he is ever concerned of? How many of them are willing to get out of their ivory towers to know their people, go through what their people are complaining of, and bring up some bread and butter issues in parliament?

I must vote “wisely" in the upcoming election.