Its been some time since i got to know that there is going to be a third movie about the fictional extraterrestrial trophy-hunting, spine-ripping, one-ugly-mother-****** Predator. Sorry, no Arnold Schwarzenegger again.

That’s me!!!

The new movie, simply named “Predators" does not continue from where the previous two ended. See the trailer first.

Set in a time close to present, this guy named Royce was abducted along with several strangers and left on this strange place. Strange because it looked like no place on earth and with creatures unseen before.

These bunch of people were no common folks like us. They were either killers in the form of trained soldiers or mafia or whatever, picked because of their reputation of an established “hunter", to be the game for for Predator’s hunting expedition.

While i am feeling lucky to be a common folk, I am also waiting eagerly for 9th July to come. I enjoyed the first Predator show greatly, Arnold helped much to make the show very entertaining. The second one was rather disappointing though, like most sequels. This third show has a lot of expectations to meet, especially when the general opinion after the two Alien vs Predator shows was sucky.

I can’t wait.