Having been gifted the new Z700 Fujifilm camera from me, my gf has been surfing the net to look for ways to use the camera and stumbled onto the newly released HS10 prosumer camera from Fujifilm. And did she do a good job of tempting me with it.

Prosumer cameras from Fujifilm are not unlike wannabe cars like Kia Cerato Forte Koupe. They carry the looks of a sports car, but actual performance will fall short of one. Yet one can still have a lot of fun with them. Same goes for the HS10 or the F100FS that i own, they look and weigh like a DSLR, but because of the smaller sensor built in, they do not often produce pictures that are comparable to one from a DLSR. While that was acceptable couple of years back, the price of DLSR has dropped drastically in recent years. This means that the market for prosumer cameras, which has always been sandwiched between consumer cameras and DSLR, is now getting smaller and marginalised.

So when Fujifilm brought out their latest HS10, they really went their way into making this camera fun to use with a lot of innovative functions that aims to set this camera apart from the cheaper DLSRs.

Specs first.

Resolution: 10 MP

Sensor type and size: BSI (Back-side Illuminated) CMOS, 1/2.3″

Wide angle: 24mm

Optical Zoom: 30X (24mm ~ 720mm)

Functions: Motion Panorama, Motion Remover, Auto Scene Recognition, HD movie recording, High speed continuous shooting of 7fps, Best frame capture, Super high speed movie etc

Power: 4 x AA batteries

Weight: 666g

Understandably, a lot of unusual functions were added to make the camera more appealing. Motion panorama allows the user to take super wide pictures (or vertically long) with just one press of the button. No more manually stitching of the pictures again.

Ever been in situations where you wished the people were not there when you want to take a picture of the scenery? Motion remover comes in handy where it will recognize the moving objects in the picture (taken over a short duration) and remove them, leaving you with a postcard like picture of just the scenery. Damn cool function.

The auto scene recognition, as found also in the Z700, sense the conditions and adjust without the user’s intervention. Comes really handy in situations where one need to take the picture fast and brainlessly.

These functions are all nice, but how better or improved is this HS10 compared to the S100fs that i have?

Comparison at a glance:

Resolution: 11.1 MP (against 10MP of HS10)

Sensor type and size: Super HR CCD, 2/3″ (or plainly, 8.80 x 6.60 mm compared to 6.16 x 4.62 mm of HS10. The bigger the sensor, usually the better the quality, DSLR have large sensor size.)

Wide angle: 28mm

Optical zoom: 14.3X

Power: Rechargeable Li-ion battery

Weight: 918g

So taking a look at the comparison, i can’t really help feeling that buying a HS10 is like a step back for me. While i love the zoom, the lighter weight and being able to use AA batteries, i cannot stand downgrading to a smaller sensor, especially from a CCD to a CMOS (read the difference here). The lack of features like film simulation and the EXR Auto which are unique to Fujifilm also dampen the anticipation quite a bit. So it looks like i might be hanging on to my S100 for the time being.