My very first cycling event!

4 months. My gf and me have been training for this event for that long, even though we are participating in the non competitive 20km Community Ride. We should, as the gf just learned to ride like 7 months ago.

So a day before the event, we took our bikes to the event venue, F1 Pit Building to store our bikes overnight. The amenities provided were simple, just a horizontal beam secured at both ends, enough for hundreds of bikes to be hung on them. We also collected the cycle pack which consists of number tags, event t-shirt.

So this morning, i woke up at 4:50am. I had less than 5 hours of sleep and it was really tiring but i pushed on. I have been waiting for this day for months to be able to cycle with my gf and many others.

At the start of our event, we could see that many of the riders for the earlier 40km event were already coming back. I think they are fast, taking just slightly above an hour to clock 40km. The gf was eager to go, wanted to stay out in the front of the starting pack but i didn’t agree, its better to stay away from the main crowd. She is not a very stable rider afterall.

The route itself was very scenic. First, we went along Republic Avenue, to Geylang (almost wanted to go for 豆花), Mountbatten road to East Coast Park, Stadium Drive, Nicoll Highway to CBD, passing by the Fullerton, and finally back to the F1 Pit for the end.

The route was generally alright, except a few locations where it got narrow and cyclists had to slow down. I also witnessed few accidents, especially one near the end where one lady caught the yellow railings and tumbled, taking two other cyclists behind her down. Hope they are alright.

It was tiring, but rewarding because i saw my gf persisted and finished the 20km proudly. And it made the time spent teaching her to ride, the money spent to buy the bikes worthwhile. And while i always like cycling, riding with so many fellow cyclists has this feeling i cannot get riding alone.

More to go ahead!!!