As per my annual tradition with 66.6%, we decided to catch a movie after our each reunion dinner. Since the majority wanted this show, i had to go along.

I liked Jackie Chan. I basically grew up watching his shows, so i didn’t think i was going to have problems with his latest show. I quite liked his co-star 王力宏, he always has this squeaky clean look on him. So far, the odds are good that this show will entertain me at the very least.

So wrong.

I felt like dozing off, only a bad seat prevented me from doing so. There were several times where i was thinking “this must be the end" only for the plot to continue on and bored me. The most impressionable part was the last three minutes where they showed the NG scenes. In retrospect, this is probably karma, since i dragged 66.6% to a equally as bad show back in 2008.

Storyline: 1/5

Bits and pieces all over without a really strong story to hold everything together. As i mentioned, the show got me excited a few times with signs of ending but it dragged on and on.

Entertainment: 2/5

The jokes were bland, the action scenes were ordinary and scarce. There were a few entertaining moments but was simply not enough to bring up the mood of the whole show.

Cast: 3/5

Beside Jackie Chan and 王力宏, there was no other big names. Although Jackie continues with his wacky style, sometimes it feels aged as he really was. Or perhaps I outgrew his genre.

Pace & Flow: 1/5

I wished for the show to stop. More than 3 times. Period.

A show to forgot.