Got a pair of free tickets to the Singapore Airshow held at Changi exhibition center some time back.

Reached there around 10am plus. Wanted some time to look at the static display before the aerial show.

Took me long time to get this show. Was not easy to take a pic with all the wordings visible.

Trying out my camera max zoom before the aerial show.

The B-52 Strato-fortress is a huge long range strategic bomber which flew countless missions over its long life-span. This one flew just one pass and went back on its way to its base in Guam.

Yah, so it only appeared on the first day of the public show, morning slot. Lucky me.

Singapore Air Force’s own F-16.

Combined display with another one of our local airforce’s pride, AH-64 Apache.

In the shot above, the F-16 deliberately slowed down to match the chopper’s speed. No, they are NOT on a collision course.

Going their separate ways.

Making a pass with each other.

The A-10 Thunderbolt, also called affectionately Warthog by its crewmen.

This is the T-50 trainer jet from Korea. Where better to display your products than the Airshow?

The Global Hawk drone spy plane.

An rare view of the wing tip.

Lastly, the Airbus A-330.