The trip to Bangkok was not all about shopping. Buddhism is the main religion there and temples, shrines are everywhere, more than one can imagine.

We took a cab to Wat Pho, The Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

Beware of touts that tell you a certain temple is not open (yet) for the day and try to hard sell you his short tour package. More on that later.

Inside the temple.

The Reclining Buddha is really impressive. Gold plated and the feet are decorated with mother of pearl.

The length of the Reclining Buddha hall.

The full length view.

We pay 20bahts to get this small bowl of loose change, it to throw into the row of copper bowls lined along the hall.

More pics of the temple.

I have never seen so much gold on buildings before. So bling until my eyes start to hurt.

We left the temple, planning to take a short walk to the next one nearby, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Bought a coconut from one of the many vendors along the road.

We walked for about 15min, missed the entrance of the next temple. Although i rather we find the way ourselves, my gf insisted we ask someone. It was at this time we encountered a tout.

I knew he’s a tout because one of the first things he said was Wat Pho and the temple we were looking for were closed for the morning, due to some national holiday. I didn’t want to expose him, felt like just leaving but my gf was as usual in a dazed state and didn’t bulge. So when he tried to pull us to one side to begin his sales pitch, i was turning extremely impatient and pissed when my gf stupidly simply followed him.

He was trying to get us onto a 1~2 hour tour, along the river, visiting some sites (no doubt to be shops selling souvenirs) and returning back here where we can then visit the temples when they are opened. I wasn’t really listening to him, trying to come out with some crap excuse to leave.

He never was to get any business from me. I left him eventually, irritated by the whole incident.

We turned back and found the temple. However, from a helpful drinks seller auntie, we got to know there is a dress code for entering the temple. Wearing berms, which we were, were not allowed. The heat just got into me and we left the place.

Went to Chatuchak again. I wanted to get more clothes for myself, having seen how sad it was at Platinum Mall and MBK.

This time, it was more of a grab and go thing. Since i already have a rough idea of what i want, and where the stuffs are located, skipping around the area was much easier.

We can’t do without these when we reach Chatuchak.

Saw stalls that sell seafood.

The heat was pretty unbearable and we went to the nearby Platinum Mall to take lunch.

Saw this Chester’s Grill which is something like a cheaper version of Kenny Rogers.

Ordered a 2 pc set and a grill chicken rice set.

The damage. Very easy on the wallet lah.

After lunch, we reluctantly left the air-con mall and once again dived into the sweltering heat. Bought a couple of shirts and left. Had an appointment with the tailor to get my first fitting.

Saw this stall at the skytrain station.

Very common around Bangkok and very useful against the weather.

Ice Tea. I need to take a few of these everyday.

The Narin Couture tailor that i spoke about on my day 1. Closed on sunday as mentioned.

Actually, we alighted at the wrong station. I mixed up the station of Milan Tailor with that of Narin.

Inside the tailor shop.

I was expecting a fitting session only. The tailor, saw that his shirts fitted me nicely and said i can just bring them back. Was pretty surprised, since i read somewhere that good quality tailors always asked for at least one fitting before delivery. Was a noob here so didn’t ask much.

Back to the hotel to unload and change. I ran out of clothing from home so had to change into those i just bought.

Dinner was to be at Chinatown.

Took a cab down and the nice driver dropped us at the start of the street that was otherwise known as Chinatown.

Basically, Chinatown is a large one way street filled with many shops and eateries along it.

Chinatown is famous for two things. Sharks’ fin and bird nest. Being a shark lover (to some degree), i would never order shark’s fin on my own. So i die die must try the bird nest.

But first, dinner at T&K Seafood.

The menu.

Judging from the crowd, i think T&K is popular with locals and tourists alike. Was lucky and found a small table for us.

Never drank Singha beer before.

Fried rice. Not much considering this was for two person. The portion of food in Bangkok is small and maybe this is the reason why i never see any fat thai girls.

Sambal morning glory, close to our 馬來風光.

Deep fried squid.

Salt grilled sea bass. Really cheap. Nowhere in singapore can you get a whole fish like this for $10.

Omelet with oysters.

After dinner, we went to this nearby shop 林珍香 to buy some local food as gifts.

Durians from thailand are big but fragrance-less.

Roadside stalls.

Ate bird nest at this desert stall.

Was really tired from the day’s activities. So after we went back to hotel, the bed was especially inviting.