I was that close to my second job change a couple of days ago.

The company is a respectable and multinational company, and in a few months time, one of the only two in the industry at our local scene. The job was similar in duties and scope, albeit the subject is totally different. As they mentioned during the two interviews i went, this was a complete career change.

Was i ready for it?

I don’t know, seriously. I guess from my own body language during the interviews, i was not the most enthusiastic interviewee they can have.  I didn’t have that kind of eagerness, that anticipation I thought i should have. And all these didn’t come because i thought i had enough experience with interviews. It was because deep down inside, it didn’t matter.

And when they called me to inform me that they cannot agree to my terms, i actually felt relieved this little incident was over for good.

So even though i could be saying all the nice fanciful words, my attitude and the way i feel cannot be more true that what i actually think.

Like i always believe in tossing a coin whenever i cannot decide. Because i know that whichever side it comes out, i will know exactly what i wants.