The hotel we stayed in, Baiyoke Boutique, gave us a room which we felt was not the one we paid for. Worse, at only 3 floor, the traffic and din from the streets can be heard. The occasional rumble of the train was still bearable.

The hotel breakfast was ordinary. Although the spread was much more than what i got at Ao Nang Paradise @ Krabi, the taste was not even half as good. One get a choice of two types of noodles, fried rice, seasoned veggies, some stirred-fried chicken, the usual pastries etc. Had not been i was not able to find any decent noodle stalls around the hotel, i wouldn’t have eaten there.

First stop of the day is the famous weekend market, Chatuchak, or Jatujak as its locally known. We took a cab from the hotel entrance. Even though i had read stories of horrible experiences from taking a cab from hotel entrance, I was too lazy to walk through the narrow backstreets to reach the main road. It was a lucky decision though, the cab driver was friendly and in retrospect, the best driver i had for the whole trip.

We reached the market entrance, or one of the entrances. Supposed to get a map so that we can have some idea of where we were so we looked around for a “main" entrance.

You can actually come via the underground train. The station exit is at one of the “main" entrance.

The auntie in the middle of the pic was selling icicles in assorted flavors.

You can see this pretty often in Chatuchak.

Good place to shop for a new home.

I realised that Chatuchak is a very a good place to look for decors for a new home. I really liked the paintings of Buddha on wood, canvas. I think they will go well if i design my house with Zen concept.

Now, regardless of what i heard before i came Bangkok, December is still a hot month for me. I was basically sweating non-stop since alighting from the cab. Luckily, drinks stalls are aplenty and very cheap too.

Since i dun take milk, we had for ourselves…

Iced tea and milk tea.

The color of the milk tea was so orange because carnation milk over there are damn cheap. So the milk tea over there are very sweet. Too sweet for my liking.

We covered almost the whole of the market, from 10am till like 2pm. Exhausted from the heat and shopping, we went back to hotel to recharge.

Along the way back, we had to look for lunch. Being slightly adventurous that day, we bought some food from roadside stalls.

Looks good. We didn’t take well to the Tom Yum taste though. Lucily, there is always a fruit juice stall for this…

Refreshing orange juice.

Back at the hotel, I had to change out of my clothes. It was wet, from all the sweating. Soon realised that the 4 shirts i brought won’t be enough. Excuse to buy more!!!

Next stop, Platinum Mall.

Heard a lot about this shopping complex before i came, about its rows and rows of small shops/stalls that sell at distributor prices.

With great expectations come even greater disappointment. We didn’t managed to buy anything there. Perhaps we are not the target market.

Walked to Central.

The reason we came to Central was because of this shop.

Naraya, also known as 曼谷包 for those taiwanese, hong kongers, sells affordable bags, purses, carriers etc. There are quite a few outlets just in Bangkok alone but we can’t seem to find any beside this one.

The shop was packed with tourists, each holding a full basket and trying to squeeze more. I can empathize with them, for handbags cost around SGD$10, way much cheaper than you can get in Singapore.

After like tussling with other shoppers for like thirty min, we joined the queue to pay and get out of the madness.

We bought like 16? bags in assorted size altogether. I bought them too as gifts.

Bangkok do take Christmas quite seriously. The decorations at Central and on the streets are no paler compared to those at our Orchard road.

MBK next.

While walking towards MBK, we saw this grilled squid stall along the road and decide to try.

Very bad decision.

The grilled squid by itself is a delicacy. The added sauce, a mix of chilli padi, lemon and some dunnoe-what was extremely tongue-cutting. One piece was all i could take.

We reached there around 8pm local time. Which wasn’t late, and somemore the following day was a Saturday. So it was extremely disgusting to see shops closing when we just reached.

Dinner at the foodcourt was an unpleasant experience. Only one stall was still selling, lacked the main ingredients yet still selling at same price!!!

ONE thing i cannot understand, is why one has to buy food vouchers at a booth before purchasing food, then refund back the unused value back to cash at another booth which is far far away.

So when we were trying to get vouchers, the auntie behind the booth told us we only got 15min before the far far away booth close and we cannot refund back the unused vouchers. Damn pissed. Anyway, the food we bought sucks big time so no pics.

So it was like 9pm there in a closing MBK. So turn-off.

We went back to the hotel. I called the room service to reward myself after that disappointing trip.

This sauce looks hot but isn’t. But i kenna jialat by a similar looking sauce at the grilled squid incident. Bangkok is full of deceiving sauces.

One last thing before we rest and get ready for the next day.