Dec of 2009 proved to be one eventful and eye opening month for me. Helped out at two weddings and saw things/people/events that changed a lot of my understandings. Work was piling up with no sight of a bonus over the horizon. A planned trip overseas to get away from everything proved to be a far-sighted move.

Going to Bangkok (BKK) is a bold move. I cannot understand nor speak thai. I hate bad traffic, something BKK is notorious for. The only local edibles I liked are pineapples and fried rice. I feel nauseous at the smell of a certain spice/veggie they used, one that greets you at Golden Mile. Had not be the promise of bargain shopping, I would rather go Krabi or Phuket for something i called REAL holiday.

Flights were booked on Airasia. Never tried this budget airline before.

Our checked in luggage weighed in above the limit of 15kg and we had to repack in front of the counter or pay $9 per exceeding kg. Super turned off by this.

Breakfast taken at the airport before boarding.

The plane we were going to board.

When we landed at the Suvarnabhumi airport, we had to walk down from the plane and take a bus to the immigrations.

After we cleared the immigrations, we went the the exit door No.7 where we found this counter for DTAC.

and got this

This prepaid card cost a mere 99bahts (~$4.30) that allows you to call home (Singapore). Most importantly, we can switch off our handphones and remained uncontactable (un-disturbed) for the whole of this trip.

Going to the main city via cab is the first lesson i learnt towards the public transport at BKK.

Went to the counter and asked for a cab. Although we got the nod from the driver when we asked to go by meter, he obviously wanted something else when he said that it would be better to settle for 450bahts or the meter could go up to 550 baths. I said screw it and go by meter despite his reluctance.

Took a picture of this cab id to his awareness. Had to flip the maps during the ride, i think its important not to act like dumb carrots.

We booked the Baiyoke Boutique hotel which was near the tallest tower Baiyoke Sky. Quite cheap at USD$60 per nite.

It is Christmas afterall.

It was 2pm local time and we had to look for lunch. Found the Fuji japanese restaurant at the nearby Platinum Mall.

My set came with ramen and rice. Not that filling, surprisely.

My gf’s set of Katsudon.

The view out of the restaurant.

We went to a tailor after lunch to get myself some shirts. Dropped by Narin Couture at BTS Nana but was told that there was not enough time to get the shirts made properly. I liked his attitude towards the time needed to make a quality shirt and if i would to come again, i would surely drop by here. Take note that his shop is closed on Sundays and planned carefully if you decide to make shirts over the weekend.

So we went to another shop Milan Suits.

Found below BTS Asok.

Ordered two shirts for 1200bahts each and was told to come back two days later to try on the shirts.

Along the way to the tailors, we saw the famous 四面佛, or the Erawan shrine.

Dinner at the Lek Seafood stall.

Ordered crab meat fried rice, stirred fried morning glory, river prawns in curry sauce.

This sauce, made from 魚露 and green chilli  padi came with the fried rice. Tasted slightly salty but can be very hot!

The fried rice and morning glory didn’t taste fantastic. The prawns were something not found back home though. The prawns were too springing but the curry was nice. Made us waited very long for this dish.

The next stop after dinner was Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

End of day 1.