There are shows that you are aware of and anticipating well before it come to the cinemas and there are shows which you are totally oblivion to. I came to know the existence of this show something like 30min before i enter the theatre, hoping it wouldn’t suck and ruin the day for me.

And missing the opening of the show didn’t help. Here’s for 66%.

It all didn’t matter.

Zombieland is wickedly funny, gross, sometimes sick but its the type of entertainment I didn’t have for a very long time. Its like Stephen Chow’s old shows but with more gore and less story.

1) Storyline – 10 / 30

Not much of a storyline to begin with. Columbus wants to find his family but on his way, he stuck with Tallahassee and a pair of weird sisters. Thats all.

2) Entertainment value – 25 / 25

Fun in a sick manner.

3) Cast – 18 / 25

Although i don’t know the actors or actresses well before the show (and after the show), but they looked the part and convincing enough.

4) Pace / Flow – 19 / 20

At 90min long, this show isn’t long but it probably can’t anyway; there isn’t much of a storyline. Yet for this while, the sequences are packed and there is always something to look forward to.

Overall: 72/100

I like this show, even though i missed the front 5min of it and had to endure a full bladder. I hate zombie flicks, but this one bought me over with its jokes and sick antics.