I waited and pondered over three different phones before decided on getting the Hero, a long 6 months. Has the Hero been something worth the wait?

The hardware of Hero has not been a radical change from the previous Android phone, Magic. With the exception of the 5MP camera, 3.5mm audio jack, the rest are very similar. So similar that i had some difficulty choosing which to get.

HTC touts the new user interface, Sense, as the highlight of Hero. Sense has changed the look of Hero until it does not resemble an Android phone and made the phone a whole lot fresher even when compared to Diamond 2 etc. Beside the new look, Sense also brings all the contacts’ information and conversation history under one screen.

All is good, almost. Sense did delivered most of the goods on all fronts but my emails from my contacts don’t show up. I still get to see the mails from the gmail widget so i am not really affected but it just feel short.

The on-screen keyboard is good surprisingly. Its very clever to know the guess the words (correctly most of the time) when i simply couldn’t care to be accurate where my fingers land. I find that i can type faster compared to the physical keyboard.

The battery-life is not fantastic. I find myself almost have to recharge every other day even though i am not a heavy user. I cannot imagine if i had to check my mails and connect to the net constantly.

The screen, supposedly coated with something to make it smudge free, works well. I never have to apply any pressure on the capacitive screen (well, not meant to anyway) and the screen is as it is to be, pretty smudge free.

The biggest gripe i have for the Hero has to be the locations of the physical buttons. As a right-handed, i always have problems using my thumb to press on the power-on and back button, which happen to be one of the most used. Left-handers will have it easier though.

I won’t say the Hero is a perfect phone. Its design, hardware-wise still has some catching up on the ergonomics aspect but the software part is satisfying so far. People keep comparing this to the I-phone but i don’t see how one can beat another, they are quite different actually. And for an Android phone, i think the Hero has shown what the OS is capable of. The best has yet to come.