Its been a month since i got my Durango 1.0 and in short, i am pleased with what i got, though there is one thing that bothers me.

It is the brakes. The stock Tektro Io disc brakes gives me bumps everytime i braked hard, fearing that i will break the handle. The grip that this brakes have is, bluntly, very disappointing. Even when i pulled hard, the braking distance is much longer than i would expect for a Vee-brake.

Definitely a must change, top priority at that.

But other than the brakes, i enjoyed the bike tremendously. With this bike, i get the confidence to go faster and ride a little more dangerously off the road. The 2.1′ tires made those obstacles that daunted me almost painless to go over now.

The shifters also did their job well, gears change are now faster and smoother, a fresh experience from the previous bike. With 24 speeds, i am able to cruise leisurely as well as break into speed with ease.

So far, i have dug into my pockets to “zhng" the bike a bit and i am still looking for more add-ons to allow me to go further and faster. But these add-ons do not come cheap. For example, the Cateye rear light I bought cost me $40, so does the cycling trip computer that i have yet to get. Trying to change the tires to slicks isn’t cheap too. But on the whole, i still find modifying the bike much more affordable to the car. My little suzie is still as stock as it can be till this day.