Singtel delivered my phone to my office yesterday.

So the first thing i went home was to unbox the shrink-wrapped package with the help of my niece.

Its the brown version, not the while Telfon-coated white one i am getting. Felt the white one look too i-phone like.

The box inside contains a cable to be used for both charging and data transfer, a stereo headpiece (which was black to my disappointment), 2gb memory card with adaptor, some documents on accessories, care instructions and quick start.

Although it was stated inside to charge for 3 hours, i plugged it in at 10pm plus and only off the charger this morning at 7am+ plus. And then it was 3 hours of playing around with the phone to find out its capabilities (can’t play most video files, yucks).

And i realised i need to keep an eye on the GPRS icon at the top of the screen. Since i am still under M1 data-less plan, i must be careful not to do too much data transfer so they will be giving me a huge bill as farewell gift.

So far so good, don’t have the bright or dead pixels as many others have complained.

In memory of my Sony Ericsson W850i.