I have a JC classmate, lets call him YH.

We are good friends, occasionally still hanging around until he emigrated to down under a year ago. Didn’t get much news of him then.

So few days ago, when i was finishing up an audit at one of my supplier’s plant, i was caught totally off-guard when i heard his name mentioned.

One of the plant managers said “YH is coming back next week, maybe he will look for you…"


It took me a couple of sec to register that, and then to realise this manager bear the same surname as YH.

OMG. He is my friend’s dad?!

Siao lah. I have seen YH’s dad a couple of times before, not much, but definitely enough to get an impression. Yet for all these three years when i was talking to this manager, i have no memory of him at all.

(And so it is, after confirming with YH)

This may have been a blessing in disguise. Now, having known who this manager is, i will probably be feeling not so comfortable. Yet for these three years, i was able to carry myself professionally, treating the suppliers as just what they are and nothing more.

Haha, how forgetful can i be?