The show was at 1130pm @ Plaza Sing. It was full, even the front-most row was fully occupied. I was feeling fortunate to get a good seat.

The show started with the Autobots doing their daily business, that is removing the remnants of the Decepticons. Unknown to Optimus Prime, the Decepticons are planning something else, involving the poor Sam Witwicky who is now going to college and trying to keep his girlfriend Mikaela interested at the same time.

What ensues are machine porn. Metal against metal and Megan Fox’s jiggling acts which kept many males inside the theatre so hot until it was getting stuffy. And by halfway through the show, i was getting this very bad headache from all the heavy metal sex.

1) Storyline – 27 / 30

Ok, i am not a hardcore fan of Transformers, so i wasn’t too sure of the history and links of this story. But overall the plot is not too stretch to take although it will be interesting to see how the third movie will go. And having read some wiki entry, it seems that this movie is not religiously following the original story.

2) Entertainment value – 23 / 25

If not for the headache, i think i will be tremedously enjoyed myself. Whats there to ask for when u can get see great concept cars, fantastic looking robots, wide range of weaponry against each other. The CGI effects are superb and there are more closeups of the robots. Plus a healthy dose of Megan Fox.

3) Cast – 25 / 25

The cast from the 2007 Transformers movie continues. I was pleased to see John Turturro (aka “Phantom" is Don’t mess with the Zohan) still as the Agent Simmons. Sam’s whimpy classmate Leo is actually quite irritating. On the whole, Megan Fox alone wins.

4) Pace / Flow – 12/ 20

At 147min, this movie is long so go prepared. And at some point, you will feel the drag and wonder how the movie has not gone faster. The fighting are well spread throughout the show and perhaps i was expecting to see a slug fest from start till end so end up slightly disappointed.

Overall: 87%

This is a great show for guys who can get to ogle at so many stuffs at the same time, i almost felt two eyes weren’t enough. But the ladies won’t go away bored, there is also plenty of funny one lines, hunks, cute bots (Bumble-bee, Mudflap and Skidz). I knew my girl enjoyed herself too.