At around 7pm plus yesterday, i decided to drop by vivocity.

It was a long queue to the carpark entrance, and when i finally get to the gantry, i noticed that there were zero slots available in either B1 or B2. Even then, i was allowed to enter.

In the carpark, there were many car spinning around the place looking for lots, more cars than what was normally seen. It was so packed until cars barely moved, can barely park (if lucky) or move out of a slot.

And every available space in the carpark is occupied by a car doing some illegal parking. It was so damn obvious that there are way too many cars inside this carpark than the slots available.

Both levels turn out to be equally as crowded and after like 20min, i had enough. As i exited, i realised that $3 was being deducted off my cashcard. Extremely pissed, i pressed the intercom button on the booth at the gantry and screamed at it. “Why do i have to pay $3 when i was spinning around and cannot get a bloody slot?!"

The reply was both inaudible as well as incomprehensible. I stop short of hurling more vulgarities and left the place. Fuck, i won’t be coming to vivocity anytime soon.