Its my little suzie’s one year birthday today, some things have changed since then for me and my car.
My car paintwork no longer shines as it did. My open carpark, tree sap, bird’s droppings all did their toll on the delicate paint. I was also not exactly diligent when it comes to car washing too. Besides the shine, there’s been a few scratches too. Its almost impossible to survive the public carpark without getting a few dents/.

Creaks and vibration noise are also getting increasing noticeable during normal driving. I have been pretty clueless in trying to locate the source and the routine servicing cannot solve the problem too.

However, its not to say that my suzie is getting worse everyday.

The drive is smoother now. The accumulated mileage has smoothen the pistons a fair bit. Accelerating and cruising are now more effortless, compared to when i got started driving. This has translated into better fuel economy and my suzie can now reach almost 13km for every litre.

As for me, i have not quite fully get a feel of the car. I still find the front pillar blocking my view when i am turning right. I still leave a large gap behind when i park my car, fear from previously driving a sedan. I still cannot parallel park well, still not too sure of the car’s dimensions. But its getting better each time i drive.

I have also come to accepting quite a few things. Firstly, scratches/dents are almost unavoidable and there is only so much i can do. I don’t park beside lorries/vans, prefer slots beside pillars and giving a wide berth to the next car whenever possible.

I also learn to become a better driver. I give way to cars coming into my lane, even if their inability to signal does not really bother me. I learn to be more patient behind the wheel, turning my attention to the radio or scenary if a jam is getting frustrating.

In all, having a car means more than getting a transportation vehicle to me. In driving and owing a car, i have learn a lot about myself and others.