Angels & Demons is the prequel to the controversial  “Da Vinci Code". For those from planet Mars, “The Da Vinci Code“, a film from 2006 based on the same titled novel from Dan Brown raised many eyebrows with many intepretations that put christianity in rather bad light. Boycotted by catholics worldwide, it nonetheless went on to be the second highest grossing movie in that year.

Having not read the book beforehand, i am not disappointed from any prior expectations. But i shall not spoil any fun here since i really think the movie is captivating to even readers of the book. Parts of the story in the book was taken out, probably to make the whole thing more believable and realistic. Well, can’t really expect the book to stick faithfully to the book, whats the point of a movie adaption then?

1) Storyline – 25 / 30
To be fair, the story probably won’t be much of a thrill for those who have read the book before. But i especially liked the twist at the end of the show, it made sense of the incidents in the show and for me, really completes the story.

Guess who is the bad guy here?

2) Entertainment value – 15 / 25
It was thrilling to follow Langdon around Rome, searching for clues and trying to save the four cardinals, only to see one by one fallen to victim. Towards the later third of the show, the thrill sorta tapers off and i can feel the time ticking.

3) Cast – 14 / 25
Most people wished that someone younger, more suave, more athletic will take the role of Robert. I wished so too.

4) Pace / Flow – 17 / 20
The few hours that Robert Langdon has to solve the whole mystery is pretty nicely compressed into an entertaining 130 min.

Overall: 71%
The anticipation of the show, the hype, was just about aptly for the actual show. Good watch for those going into the theatre with a fresh mind, not so fantastic if you already know the story.