“Taken" is a show about how deep a father’s love for his daughter can go. This sentence about sums up the movie.

Liam Neeson played Bryan Mills, an ex-CIA agent who lost his marriage due to his work commitments. After his ex-wife remarried, he gave up his career to live close to his teenage daughter so that he can always protect her. I personally felt that he is rather too close sometimes for comfort even though he meant well. He just got too sensitive from his previous experiences.

When Kim wanted to go on a Europe tour, he got understandably uncomfortable. True enough, things went bad very fast when Kim arrived at Paris.

Sweet young Kim

1) Storyline – 18 / 30

Simple story. Dad goes rescuing daughter. While some conspiracy was added midway through the show, the main plot got on very fast.

2) Entertainment value – 22 / 25

Although i gave 22 here, the entertainment value here is not the same as what you will get from watching, say Shrek. Its a kinda different feeling, more dark but enjoyable nonetheless.

3) Cast – 18 / 25

Beside Liam Neeson, the woman who played Dr Jean Gray in X-men was his ex-wife (now i know she is called Famke Janssen). Maggie Grace (remember the bitch from “Lost"?) as his daughter Kim. Liam was wonderful in my opinion as this father with a mission, he has always been quite a good actor actually.

4) Pace / Flow – 19 / 20

This is where the show shines. At less than two hours long, the show moved along without any letup in the plot and action. Well, given that the plot required the pace to be so, i still felt that viewers will be kept to the edge of the seats, hoping to see how this desperate father rescue his daughter.

Overall: 77/100

Nice action show but don’t expect Jacky Chan styled moves.

What really touched me was how far a father can go for his daughter, the way he planned and plotted was pretty amazing. Nice.