Two headlines caught my attention recently and really worsen the impression i had of our ministers.

Ex-table tennis coach, Mr Liu Guodong was not even nominated for the coach of the year by Singapore Table Tennis Asso, lame reasons given such as lack of professionalism, character, integrity and unable to hold the team together. Given his effort and work in bringing pathetic Singapore a rare and hard to come by silver olympic medal, i expect the STTA at the very least submit Mr Liu’s name for a shot at the award.

Why cite all the negatives of Mr Liu now? When STTA propose to extend the contract after the Olympics, did they think so badly of him then? Or was his refusal to accept the contract extension a slap on STTA president Ms Lee’s face? Maybe all this is a personal agenda of Ms Lee against Mr Liu? It certainly seems like it to many singaporeans judging from the reactions. Was STTA and Ms Lee really expecting, for the bucks they are paying, to get a coach to really fit all the bills they want? Ai pi, ai cheen, ai dua liap ni? (Cheap, fresh and big ah?)

The next incident was this 17 year old boy who threw a chair against a door during (or after) a Meet the People session, where minister Lim Hwee Hwa was attending to this boy and his mother a while before. The mother & son had gone to seek help for their predicament and apparently, Ms Lim did not give them a good time before acceding to their pleas for help.

The boy, with slightly lower IQ, was arrested by police for his act. Seems to me that our ministers are too delicate and fragile, throwing a chair has this detrimental psychological effect on them so the police had to be activated for this otherwise seemingly harmless act. Harmless because i believe no one, including the minister was hurt. Oh man, i think maybe not even the door nor the chair was heavily damaged. Really got so serious mah?

My impression of ministers of singapore are that they are sitting too high up to understand the heartlanders like you and me. A very good example, I am sure you will remember our PM Lee had this impression of cockles being inside this local dish mee siam. Its was then when i realised that they are of a different level and can never really understand what we are going through everyday, much less to help us. When the transport minister wants to know how efficient the public system is, he takes the MRT during non peak hours and totally missed the madness most singaporeans faced every morning and evenings. When HDB priced their flats, do they really consider how much the average salary of you and me has paled in comparison to the ridiculous raise in flat prices? Does he really know?

So these two recent incidents did not come as a surprise to me, for i never expect much to come from them anyway. I am still waiting for a true and sincere minister from a poor background to appear and do what singaporeans really need, not some rich elite who has never squeezed in trains/buses, attempt to buy a HDB flat or order mee siam before.