Follow the whole EGM held at Suntec here.

Although i am not a member of AWARE (never heard of it until the recent hoo-haa), i am very glad to hear that the not-so old exco, made up almost entirely (or was it?) of christians from a same church, were voted out by the members, new and old alike. I won’t be surprised if the members of the named church are called to show support for their fellow members in the exco, and even this disgusting act did not allow the christians to stay on the board.

If you know me personally, you will know how much i feel towards christians. Today, the acts of the AWARE members have let me feel that i am not alone in my thinkings. Oh, i think some christians have even stand up against the exco for what they did. 真的是人神共憤!

I wish the newly elected exco and president Ms Dana Lam all the best and to continue to do good for the needy ladies.