From one of my fav mags, Men’s Health, an article in the July 2007 issue talked about a lesser known grain known as Quinoa (pronounced keen-no-ah). Quinoa contains as much protein as milk with twice the fibre of pasta and brown rice. For the muscle guys, quinoa also offers the amino acids that is critical for muscle growth and magnesium, which is good for the heart.

Ever since i read that article, i wanted to try out this supposedly nutrition packed food. After visits to Cold Storage, NTUC and Carrefour, i returned empty handed but not dishearted. Sometime about a month ago, i managed to find a packet of this goodness at some ulu organic farm. Being organic means its not cheap, a 500g packet cost $6.

So today, i brought out the mag and the packet of quinoa.

The instructions to cook is surprisely simple. Put the grains into boiling water and turn the heat low, simmer for 20min until the grains soften, drain the water and you have the quinoa ready for use.

The tiny strands of yellow thingy is the husk, or the shell of the grain, i think.

The taste of quinoa has a tinge of herbal taste, or nutty as mentioned in the mag. Not as plain as rice but its a good substitute.