At the Natas fair about a month ago, we booked a short packaged trip to Batam. It was a 3D2N at this Purajaya beach resort which is just 5min drive from the Nosapura ferry terminal which is 45min boat ride away from Tanah Merah ferry terminal.

From the start, i am not expecting much from the resort. I had been to Batam and knew well what they can offer. Its more of an experience for my gf who has never been here. Somemore, for $135 for 2 pax plus free massage, free breakfast and one lunch, i cannot ask for much.

This is the restaurant where we had the breakfast and lunch. The spread of the breakfast is pathetic, so much that i didn’t even bother to take pictures.

The lunch sucks too. My gf ordered the nasi ikan billis which tasted too salty while my nasi ramis (no idea wat ramis meant) was just plain rice with some curry veges, scrambled egg and some chillis. It was a stroke of foresight that we brought many cup noodles and half a loaf of bread along or we could have starved.

The pool is not at all inviting. The water is dead (not moving) and looked murky, pumps are not switched on. For my stay there, i did not see one person entering the pool. It was a pity because they even have this pool-side bar.

And the slide down the pool was em…. see for yourself.

The beach may have been more appealing, if only it was high tide.

We initially wanted to sign up for the more expensive Honeymoon package which will come with a free dinner on a romantic setting by the beach. Aww…

The resort did come with several facilities, as with many other resorts. The lack of use and maintanence have reduced them to mere existence.

The obstacle course.

The beach volleyball.

The banana boat.

Bicycles for rental.

And some more.

The price is as shown.

It was quite frustrating because i had changed some rupiah but all the prices are quoted in S$. Not that i feel like spending anyway.

The karaoke room.

Another small empty restaurant.

View of the main restaurant from the top.

There are 2 shops inside the resort, one is a cake shop while the other sells souvenirs.

The reception.

Despite of the poor amenities, the staff we met were friendly and greeted us.I find the lack of other guest rather uncomfortable; it is the school holidays and we saw less than 20 other guests.

We spent most of the time in the room, watching the dozen shows, eating and sleeping. We could have very well done this on a more local setting (ie chalet) and won’t have to worry about food.