Its the second morning of 2009. We didn’t really plan anything for today and suddenly we felt a bit loss over what to do next.

But here in Taipei, we didn’t have to plan much. Just walk around and there will be much to keep us interested and occupied.

Breakfast was some pastry from a nearby bakery.

We had brought along our clothes from the past few days. One of the things we do in Taipei (and nowhere else) was to wash our clothes every few days. Firstly, this allowed us to bring less clothings in the first place, keeping the load light. Also, our mums won’t have much laundry when we go back.

While the clothes are being washed, we decided to go to the famous 龍山寺 nearby @ 西門盯.

We bought many charms from this temple. They were similar in designs to the ones i saw in Japan but not as expensive. Good gifts for people back home.

After leaving the temple, its was already around noon and since there was nothing planned, we got back our laundry and then went to Carrefour for more goodies. In the end, we bought so many packs and had to take a taxi back to our hotel.

It was time for lunch and we found this 君悅豬排 along the way. Although we saw this inside our guide book, we then realised that there are a few branches around. The serving portion can be quite big, so take note.

The menu. We ordered from the counter near the door and paid up. Food was served up quite shortly after we were seated. As you can see, we ordered a pork rib rice, curry rib rice and veggies in oyster sauce.

Beside the ribs, we were each served this huge bowl of rice with some side dishes.

This was the (normal) pork rib.

And this was the curry ribs.

And this was the veggies ordered.

We were quite unready for the portion served and in the end, we didn’t manage to finish up everything.

After lunch, we went back to 西門盯 for somemore shopping.

And then to 士林 for dinner and more shopping.

花枝羹 or fried squid soup.

Fried oyster.

Dinner was rather simple and we went to the nearby nightmarket. It was here and then that i finally manage to buy clothes for myself. And a bargain too, a jacket from Baleno for only NT$99 which is like S$5.

Saw and bought this interesting snack.

Its actually one small potato skillfully cut into this shape and then deep fried. Add a dash of some spice powder of your choice. Cost NT$35.