We were completely shagged out from the countdown the nite before. Its the first day of 2009 and the sky didn’t look very good.

Had the rice dumpling for breakfast.

After breakfast, we leisurely strolled around the underground shops near the Taipei main station. Bought some books there while my gf happily spent on some pair of shoes.

A short walk back to the hotel to leave the bought stuff and off to the local sim lim otherwise known as 光華商場.

Its was this time when i decide to get some PC games otherwise not available back in singapore. Speaking of the games, i have till now yet to install and try them out.

After a few good hours in 光華商場, we saw this stall selling 車輪餅.

We bought two of the cakes, one is cheese and another is 菜圃.

Basically, it looked very much like the one you get from Jollibean locally but the difference lies in the fillings. They were very rich given that one costed only NT$10. Now this is what i call cheap and good!

After some more shopping at the nearby DVD, VCD shop, we went back to the hotel. The next destination was rather too far to carry all these around.

淡水, 漁人碼頭.

Nice cool night to stroll around and take photos.

The fishball soup here was famous.

Bought a bowl of the soup…

And this pack of boiled squids.

This was really an impulse buy. Boiled squids by itself don’t taste fantastic and served as whole, the internals can taste quite horrible (you don’t know what the squid ate before it was caught). I tried to enjoy the squids given the atmosphere and the fact that i should try things out while i am overseas but my gf was quite reluctant to go pass her 3rd one. In the end, i managed to down seven and had to throw the rest away. So sayang.

Its time to find some decent food so we went back to the night market opposite the 淡水 station.


It was not as crowded yet as some of the more popular night markets but you can still find some good food.

Fried chicken. NT$45.

Sausage. NT$35.

After this night market, we decide to cut the night short and go back to our room. The train ride took about an hour to the main station so it was actually quite tiring. By the time we got back to hotel it was like…