Its 31st of Dec and we were to spend out first countdown at Taipei. We woke up pretty late since the highlight of the day is at nite, so there was nothing much we planned to do that morning.

We went to the cinemas, hoping to catch some show and spend some time.

We saw the ticket price and changed our mind. The cheapest timeslot are from 8am till 12noon and it was like S$10. Since there was no show that really caught our attention, we left for some window shopping nearby.

It was nearly time for lunch and we bought something small to last us till we can find this japanese eatery we planned for.

This rice burger with onion pork sells for NT$30 at 7-11. Looks like MOS burger, tastes like one too.

The japanese eatery we planned for is called 肥前屋 (中山北路一段, 121巷, 七條通內).

The queue was there even though it was like 1:30pm. Thought lunchtime was almost over.

It was very packed and we had to share table with two guys who looked and sound like fellow singaporeans. I saw mostly tourists here and saw two other people holding the same tour guide book as me.

I ordered the highly recommended unagi rice box, unagi means eel.

I was very hungry so i ordered the bigger box.

Came with a whole eel. Order the smaller box and you will get half instead.

My gf ordered this pork with omelette rice.

Side dish ordered was two sticks of the grilled chicken.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel to pick up the tripod and other stuffs for tonite’s countdown but mainly was to rest. We guessed we had to be there before the concert starts at 7pm and won’t be coming back until past midnight. Better to catch some sleep.

We arrived at the concert venue at 6pm.

There was a slight drizzle even though forecast mentioned that there should be no rain that night. Some people came earlier than us and had already gathered in front of the stage. We found a spot away from the crowd since it would be more convenient to setup a tripod.

Good view from where i was standing, able to see the stage and Taipei 101 together.

The concert started at 7pm promptly with 苏打绿. The guy wearing red is the lead singer. Hosts were 胡瓜 and 藍心湄.

The crowd got bigger as the concert went on. This pic was taken around 15min after the concert started.


Selina looked so cute.

Hebe apparently had some problem with her blouse and was tugging it all nite. She disappeared for some time to adjust during the commercial break. Since the concert was beamed live, the performers would take a break and just chat on the stage.


There were plenty of other artistes but i couldn’t take well-shot pics of them. The crowd grew and i couldn’t place my tripod properly without people tripping.

I relocated to another spot to get away from the pushing and shoving crowd. My short-fused GF was not suitable for crowded places like this.

As the time approaches, the crowd felt the growing excitement of seeing the firworks lit up on Taipei 101.

All the big shots went onto the stage before the fireworks go off.

Sad to say, i only took the video of the fireworks since i want to capture the whole duration. And since i have not found a way to upload video onto wordpress, i can’t share with anyone here.

Still, i would like to say that the fireworks from Taipei 101 is one of the most spectacular, if not the most i have seen so far. Lasting over 3 mins, the whole already impressive building was lit up and really brought up the new year mood and atmosphere.

2008 ended with a bang, for me at least.

After 12, it was pop group 五月天’s turn to perform.

Although we would very much like to stay on and watch, it was just too freaking freezing out there. I guess it was like below 5 deg and we were hungry and tired. We decided to leave after like one song.

But as we would have guessed, it wouldn’t be easy going back. The authorities have sealed up the roads leading to the countdown venue, restricting the crowd to use public transport (read mrt) instead. So at the nearest station entrance, it looked something like this.

I was stuck here for like 30min before i can get into the station. I think the crowd here was not any lesser than the one in front of 五月天.

For it was really a good thing that they had this crowd control at the station entrance. Only a handful of people were allowed into the station every few min, so it was not crowded inside the station and we could get into the train easily. Can’t imagine all these crowd squeezing and trying to get into the trains.