On day 7, its finally time to get some stuffs back for the family, friends and colleagues back home. I thought that 九份 will be a good place to get the local stuffs.

To get to 九份 from Taipei main station, I bought a train ticket from the main station. Its the railway train, not the mrt. We bought tickets to this place called 瑞芳.

The ride is about an hour long so prepare some food and drinks for the ride.

Once out from the station, we cross the street and found the bus stop, recognizable by the disorganized group of people waiting for the bus. Try to get a seat if possible, since the ride is about 20min and going uphill, similar to Genting.

View from the viewing shelter. You can get to the shelter once you alight from the bus.

The tiny streets of 九份. It was raining that day, kinda made walking, shopping difficult.

This is a quite famous shop selling local delicacies like flavored moochi.

The bike the postman used. You will know this if you watched 海角七號.

We saw this uncommon wild boar sausage and gave it a try. Didn’t taste different from normal sausages though.

There are a lot of interesting shops selling souvenirs.

Forgot wat noodles this is.

But i will never forget this 豬油飯. Its just plain rice with some lard over it. I have heard many times from my parents how they adored this simple fare when they were young. Finally i have a chance to try it. The lard made the rice smell good but don’t taste too salty. I think its ok to try it once a while, since it made me felt very greasy after eating.

Mixed fishball soup. The shop sells many different types of fishball or meatballs so even though i got like four types in this bowl, i still haven’t tried all the variety.

On just a raining day, when we don’t have to worry about meeting schedules or rush to the next place, we just took our time after lunch. And where else to spend some time other than a cafe that looks out to the sea?

I ordered this flower tea.

And my gf had this coffee.

This was the view from our table.

After a good rest at the cafe, we then did what we meant to do at 九份, that is to buy the stuffs for people back home.

After shopping, we carried all the foods and gifts and went back to Taipei the same way we came. It was definitely much harder going back down since now we had all the bags to carry.

Once we reached back Taipei, we immediately went back to our hotel room but only to come back out again to get some more food.

This very cute hello kitty box actually was…

steamed dumplings.

One more of the 肉粽!

We were quite shagged out so we just went to the shopping centers around Taipei 101. We were there to find a good spot to take photos the next day. Although we did manage to find some good spot, we were unsure if the spot is still accessible the the countdown day itself.

It basically just rained the whole day.

Dinner at a foodcourt.

We were getting excited for the countdown tomorrow.