My desktop chose a very very bad time to show signs of its age and impending doom. On the eve of chinese new year, it froze and won’t restart.

Over the next few days, until yesterday, i was feeling lost without a working desktop. I couldn’t surf net, couldn’t write a review on the lousy show i watched. I am feeling the withdrawal symptoms of a internet-addict.

Today though, my desktop miraculousy worked. The startup till the windows loading were smooth. I was even able to play a few skirmish games of COH without any hiccups. Must be 回光反照. So while its good, i hurried to write this post in case i go missing for quite some time.

This post is titled so because this is an extremely bad time for my desktop to die. I can’t think of any time where the death of my desktop can be good but i am facing a sick prospect of taking pay cut or even worse, kenna retrenched.  Already i am putting off my plans of getting a new bike and maybe a new phone. With a dying com, i may have to start skipping my lunch too.