It was the second day of our trip at 高雄. The hotel we booked impressed us once again when they send breakfast to our room. Breakfast, should be taken in bed.

After lazing around for as long as i can, we then go to the island just off 高雄 and otherwise known as 旗津. To go there, we need to take a boat from the 鼓山渡輪站 which is just a short walk from the 西子灣 station. Something to take note of, the tap & go farecard which one use in Taipei cannot be used in 高雄 as the companies operating the services are different.

On the boat to 旗津.

Approaching the jetty.


You can rent this motorised tricycle to move around the island. Recommended if you plan to visit the whole island (which is like a long strip of land).

The sand is drak greyish in color. Not a very nice beach lah.

Streets of 旗津.

When one comes to 旗津, seafood is a must try. One of the more famous snacks at 旗津 is the bbq squid (aka 烤小卷). Both me and my gf are squid lovers, so how can we possibly miss them out?

But my lazy gf decided to find some shade and hide. It really was a hot day even for us and i got to cross the road to find a stall that grill the squids using charcoal. According to my gf, stalls that use charcoal are better supposedly.

Stalls selling this delicacy are everywhere along the streets.

You can choose to have two big ones or three smaller ones for NT$50. Quite a bargain.

A special sauce was used to coat the squid, a dash of sesame seed finish the job. The squid was very fresh, so you can really taste the sweetness of it. A must try for seafood lovers.

You can also see a lot of these seafood shops.

We eventually entered one for lunch. Beware though, some shops have earned quite a bad name for exhorbitant prices. Do check out the prices before you decide to patronize any shops.

Rows of fresh seafood for your picking.

We ordered just a few dishes since only two of us, can’t eat much of a variety anyway.

Fried rice, fried silverfish, fried kang kong and a steamed fish.

I am not sure if the total cost of this meal at NT$470 is considered expensive or not. But given that the fish was real nice, i didn’t want to complain.

We walked back to the jetty after lunch. We wanted to walk to the other end of the island but we underestimated the distance and the weather.

Saw this outside a temple.

Back to the mainland, we took the train to 三多商圈站 where the IT show was held at the nearby 85大樓.

Although the IT show covered quite a few floors and was really packed, i was very sian because i cannot find the phone i want at the ASUS counter.

We left after like 20min there because it was too crowded.

The next place we went was the 夢時代 shopping center. We alighted off 凱旋 station and realised that we came late.

Just before we reached the station, there was a public performance and carnival that was part of the daily events that lead to the finale 2009 countdown. As you can see, the street that was blocked off was empty liao.

The 85大樓 as seen from somewhere near the 夢時代 shopping center.

Remaining performers of the carnival.

Seeing that we had missed out the fun part, we went into the shopping complex which is one of the largest in 高雄.

We skipped the shops inside and went to the topmost storey where the Hello Kitty ferris wheel is located.

The queue was rather long and since both of us were not that really keen, we just stood around and take photos instead.

Beside the ferris wheel, there are also several stalls and even a merry-go-round. Its something like a mini carnival on top of the shopping center.

It was soon dark at around 6pm and its the time to visit the local nite markets.

First off is the 瑞豐夜市.

To go there, one need to take the train (捷運) to 巨蛋站 and then 5min walk from the station.

It was really really very crowded. No chance to get a seat to eat. Had to buy and find some spot to stand around.

酥香雞 or fried chicken.


Grilled chicken.

Grilled pork ribs.

We bought a few things at the nite market, some socks for my niece and my gf’s nephew, a pillow for gf to hug in the car (it transform into a blanket as well!) but it was really too crowded so we left.

Our next stop was another nite market. We took the train to 美麗島站 and stopped by the exit to take photos of the lighted ceiling.

We took a short walk to the famous 六合夜市.

I didn’t try out this. I don’t enjoy seeing the live prawns struggle to their death, skewed on a stick and slowly turning red.

This stall is supposedly famous for its grilled stuffs.

We bought one stick of the grilled chicken to try. Not fantastic, should i say disappointing despite the hype.

Looked a bit the dry rite? Ok, so i didn’t eat it on the spot and brought it back to my room to go with the instant noodles, but i still was expecting more.

Went past this stall.

You choose from one of the sticks of corn displayed and they will grill it for you.

But this is expensive loh, i thought all are the same price, so i chose a big corn and my eyes got wider and wider when i saw them weighing the corn and telling me it cost NT$80. Fuck, thats like almost S$4 loh. For a stick of corn?!

Then my gf pointed out that it is organic corn, tats why so expensive.

Tell that to my tongue and stomach. As if they can feel the difference.

I have to say though, it looks good and taste as well. Pricey but worth it.

We also bought Takopochi.

More fried chicken pieces.

Dinner was about all these. I think one of the things i enjoyed most is to being able to walk around and get to eat and shop at the same time.

The next day, we didn’t have much time to shop around cos we need to go back to Taipei in the afternoon. Its a pity because i feel that there is still so much to see and do in 高雄.

Another breakfast in bed.

But the shops are closed early morning (i mean like 10+ am) so there was really nothing i can do before getting on the train. In the end, i went back to my comfy room to nua.

Its then time to get ready to go back to Taipei. We checked out of the hotel reluctantly and bought some food to last us on the train journey back.

They are selling this lunch box at the train station.

Cost NT$60.

Not bad taste lah. More of something of an experience.

They also sell lunch box on the high speed rail trains. More exp though at NT$120.

This about ends the 高雄 part of my journey and we were back in Taipei. Its time for my gf to start her shopping liao.