Saw the trailers while I was in Taipei and didn’t really expect much of this show given that the first one sucks. The fact that some of the characters inside were rather far off from their counterparts in the novel disappoints me.

This review contains spoilers! Do not read if you want to enjoy the show.

The show starts with 孙尚香 deep inside 曹操’s camp to get information. It then moved on to曹操 sending the bodies of his soldiers dead from typhoid over to 周瑜, thus spreading the disease over, sibei 老干. 刘备, seeing that his soldiers are dying even before the battle start oso sian. He then asked all his generals to leave, despite their kpkb. Actually, this is a ploy by刘备 and 孙权 to trick曹操.

诸葛亮 and周瑜 start to scheme against曹操 and oso challenge each other. 周瑜 blamed 刘备 for taking many arrows when he left and wants诸葛亮 to be responsible. 诸葛亮 thus promised to deliver 100,000 arrows within 3 days. On the other hand, 诸葛亮 had周瑜 promised to kill the naval generals in 曹操’s camp.

Against these two, that dumb and 咸湿曹操 stand no chance.

The dumb 曹操 planned to use fire as his main attack, given that the wind direction favors him. However, 诸葛亮 had predicted that the wind direction is about to change, he only need to stall the time for the favorable conditions. Time for 小喬 to use her charms.

Want some tea before you go kill my husband?

曹操, taken in by her charms, delayed the timing of his attack and everything fell into 诸葛亮’s plans.

1) Storyline – 18 / 30

I expected to see the 3 main tactics used by 周瑜 and 诸葛亮 but only two were shown. I expected to see the defeated 曹操 retreating and meeting all of 刘备’s generals but there wasn’t. Pity.

2) Entertainment value – 22 / 25

Even though i know the story and expected quite a few things, i still enjoyed the show given that its not all that serious and i had a few laughing moments (may or may not be intended). But what really impressed me was parts of the battle scene reminded me of the earth-shaking, limbs flying, blood spluttering of Band of Brothers. Now, Chinese can make a decent battle movie that is on par with those from the west in terms of effects.

3) Cast – 16 / 25

Same as the first. The director’s choice is not mine.

4) Pace / Flow – 18 / 20

The show went on pretty well without any noticeable slow moments. The ending can be a letdown though but at 2hr 30min, i have no complaints.

Overall: 74/100

Better than the first in almost every aspects.