I have planned and waited for this trip to end the dreadful 2008 and hopefully bring a good start to the bleak 2009. Eleven days in all, S$1.5k on air tickets, ~$1.5k on hotel, this is the first trip we are going to spend christmas and new year countdown overseas (not that we have been celebrating in style locally).

We took Jetstar so if you have taken one to Taiwan before, you would know the arrival time is already late afternoon. By the time we reach 桃園airport, its all dark like 8+ in singapore. We took a bus to our hotel at 西門丁, jettisioned our bags and went off to 士林夜市 for dinner.

As per the last time and the time before, i must have the 鐵板 for dinner. Highly recommended because of value for money.

This is the 鐵板豬排.

Comes with a bowl of corn soup,  cup of cold tea and a soggy bun.

This is the 鐵板面.

Even though these were quite filling, we were too hungy to stop here.

蚵煎. The sauce on top taste like our satay sauce. Very nice.

After dinner, we walked around the night market across the junction. Christmas to taiwanese is just another ordinary working day so even though it was eve, the crowd was not as packed as what i had expected.

Went back to hotel after that since the cramped ride on board Jetstar was really tiring.