What i want for christmas this year but won’t be getting.

1) PDA phone – Asus P565

2) Choro-Q version of SX-4 (if there is ever one)

3) Nendoroid of Konata Izumi from Lucky☆ Star

4) Kohjinsha Mini PC

5) Nintendo DS Lite

Actually, there are a lot more i can think of, like a Paint Protection job (S$300) for my car (so i won’t have to wash every fortnight), a Jamis mountain bike costing S$400  (so i can commute to work in a greener manner)  and blah blah.

But what i really want, truthfully, is people around me to be healthy and happy. Now that, is something i cannot put a price tag on.

Anyway, if you are interested in getting of the above mentioned items, drop me a message and i will let you know how to proceed. Merry Christmas!!!