During my stay in Kyushu, i had the chance to go to the Kumamoto castle @ Kumamoto (where else?)

Kumamoto castle is one of the three most famous castles in Japan. The other two are Himeji and Matsumoto and can be visited if one is in Kobe or Tokyo respectively.

This is my first time to any castle and needless to say, the highlight of my otherwise damn boring trip. I lugged along the heavy camera for this day and it didn’t fail me. Here are some photos i took on that day.

This is the road leading to the entrance.

This is one of the numerous defense or gun turrets that surrounds the main compund.

Another one of those defense turrents. This one is about 4 storeys high and one can go up to see the old wooden structure.

The main building where the owner of the castle will stay.

The big yellow tree is very old, and apparantly planted by someone famous.

Inside the castle. The design is lavish and exquiste. The lord must have lived like a king here.

The entance, as seen at night. The castle closed rather early at 4:30pm.

Also visited a shrine nearby.

I will, in the next few days, upload more photos of my trip. Took too many and need to filter some of the better ones to upload.