In another 5 hours, i will be flying off to Kyushu, Japan. I am not feeling eager or in anticipation, Kyushu is not the most exciting nor the most scenic place in Japan. Its a business trip, not holiday so that will explains why i am not looking forward to it.

Nonetheless, i planned to make the most out of this trip, work-wise and personally. I have no idea how long i planned to stay at this company, since over the past few days, i see a ugly side of many colleagues (including my two bosses) and think that i really want to move on. Two years in this place is considered too long. Fuck the Lehmann Bros for this economic depression.

So, as i try to enjoy myself for this trip, i also hope to bring back many photos. As long as i don’t fall sick while i am there, haven’t really recovered from the flu and sore throat.

See you all in one week.