For the first time, this is the anime exhibition that is held outside Japan. 33.3% managed to get me a free ticket and i was looking forward to it even though i don’t know what to expect.

I brought along my camera, having just 2 hours earlier added a Hoya UV filter for it. Supposed to help reduce glare (not noticeable at all) but mainly serve as a first protection for the more expensive lense. Cost me $20 from MS color @ AMK hub.

I was quite surprised to see that the crowd was not sparse. In fact, it was pretty crowded. Cosplayers can be seen walking around (i followed one Kakashi to the hall) and its a good sign that we are catching up on the daringness as compared to Japanese.

Enuff of talking. Here are some of the pictures i took. Was quite disappointed, thought they turn out well when i saw them on the camera. On the screen, KNS.

Argh!!!! Patlabor models tat i have never seen before! And they are not on sale! Argh!!!!

Was very sian when i saw this pic on the screen. Can’t seem to get the focusing right for objects behind glass.

Shana look very cute, pity about the anime though.

After this, we went to the mini concert by May’N who sang most of the theme songs for Macross Frontier. The crowd in front of the stage was fantastic.

May’N hasn’t come on stage yet, but the crowd was cheering and yelling at every possible indication that she is coming. I expected the crowded to be more subdued, after all, 宅男 are not known for expressing themselves.

I must say that the live performance is very impressive. Her vocals are powerful and she did a very good job of bringing the audience alive.

May’N mini concert brought an end to the whole anime festival. This maybe msh less impressive than what Japan has, but i am very glad to have attend this one and surely lookig forward to the next one at 2009.

Lastly, to 33.3%, the vid i took got sound de ok?