I can often remember when i young, i caused a lot of anguish to my parents. Its probably my turn to feel the way they felt now.

My dad, as you may know, is not that old at sixty but due to the illness he is suffering, can be a bit slow on movements and speech. His thinking, until about one hour ago, i assumed was still alert and clear-minded.

My dad has this wart/corn on his left feet. Its been bothering him for a year plus and despite my repeated attempts and persuasions to get him to see the family doc, he stubornly refused. Until about 3 weeks ago, he applied some cement paste on his feet, thinking that its gonna help. Yeah rite, the wart/corn or watever went worse and got infected. The wound got covered in pus and the whole feet swelled and in the end, he asked us to take him to see a doctor. Not just any doctor, but this one clinic 5 min down the street. Apparently, he trust this doc very much.

So for last week, my sis and i brought him to see the doc. Because he couldn’t walk, i had to drive him there. We would see the doctor together with him since he has trouble expressing himself. For three days, we repeated that routine. I did so even though i was pretty upset that all this wouldn’t have happened if he had heed my advice much earlier. Why i am going through this fuck shit because of my dad’s stubbornness?

The doc instructed my dad to keep the wound dry and take the anti-biotics on time. I had to change the dressing for him everyday too.

So about an hour ago, i reached home and saw that my dad did not cover up the dressing when he bathed. When i asked him, he said that since the dressing is going to be changed everyday, it can afford to get wet. I just simply had to give up. I controlled my tone and explained that keeping the wound dry is critical to any healing, its not about the dressing. And after he bathed, he wrapped his feet in a plastic bag, thereby trapping the moisture in. These effectively wiped out my efforts and time and money. Had this person being someone else and not my dad, I will very likely rub some salt onto the wound literally.

I can almost imagined my parents feeling similar anguish when i was young and reckless. Now its my turn. Pls, treat your parents well, while they are still healthy. It will not remain pretty forever.