Ok, i watched this something like 3 weeks back and didn’t feel like writing a review on it becos i felt it most probably won’t matter. No one will read, and if anyone does, won’t go on to watch this movie.

Again, I didn’t suggest to watch this. Cheesy romantic flicks are the GF’s favourite (but she got it wrong this time).  This show, rated M18, contains 1 scene with boobies (nipples included) and plenty of “fuck" word literally. I am no goody boy but even then, i felt that the excessive use of the holy word was too much to bear.

Enough of criticism.

The story is that, this guy, Sherman Turner (Dane Cook) works as a customer service phone operator who happens to have a rather interesting sideline. He is up for hire to make your girlfriend thinks you are not so bad after all. Lets say you did something wrong, like slept with another girl (in the show’s context) and your girlfriend is pissed and wants a break. You then hire Turner, who will date your girl and be a total jerk, moron and idiot rolled into one. After this tormenting date, your girl is bound to think different and come back to you.

So Turner has a very close buddy (or cousin) named Dustin (Jason Biggs). He is quite the opposite of Turner. Decent, romantic (kinda) guy who fell for his colleague Alexis (Kate Hudson). After confessing to her and kenna rejected, he hired Turner to date Alexis.

And so, things will definitely not work according to plan, that’s where the story is, silly.

1) Storyline – 10 / 30

The story is nice but rather predictable. Bad guy falls in love, bad guy turns good, turns bad again, only to be good again to be with the woman he loves.

2) Entertainment value – 10 / 25

If I knew, i won’t have gone to see this. I seriously think an S-league match will be more exciting.

3) Cast – 16 / 25

Kate Hudson basically rescued the show. Dane Cook was not really that convincing as a total jerk but i do like the way he looked when he was totally caught off-guard by Alexis. You can literally see “WTF" written on his face.

4) Pace / Flow – 16 / 20

The pace was a bit off during some parts of the show. Usually, during these times, you will take the chance to check your phone, peer at your watch or grab for the drink. I was doing all these throughout the show.

Overall: 52 / 100

Barely passed. I hope i don’t have to watch too much of these shows, really detrimental to my overall well-being.