Before i watch this, i am totally clueless as to what the story is about. I only know, through my friends that this show beat DeathNote in Japan screens and is the first of a trilogy based on a manga. So its will a lot of expectations that i went to watch this show.

Usually in my reviews, i tend to give off certain bits of the story. This allows anyone who happens to read to know something about the show and then decide if the show is worth watching.

I am not able to do it in this review.

Because after watching the show, i am still clueless. Maybe slightly better off before the show, but now i am more confused and puzzled. Nevertheless, i am eagerly anticipating the second part to come this year end.

20th Century Boys is confusing because it starts off in year 2015 with a recount of a convict in a floating prison. Then it skips back to the 1970s and then to the 90s then back and forth again. The viewer is forced to remember what was shown before and re-connect. Often, i have to try to make sense of the events that seems to have no link at all.

The erratic timeline is not the only part. This show boasts some 300 strong cast and I need to remember the relationships between each character, while at the same time trying to remember how each one look like when they were kids in the 70s. Just see this relationship chart here.

Maybe the Wiki entry on this will help, or become more confused in my case.

1) Storyline – 25 / 30

I think a complicated storyline is cool. It shows a lot of effort from the author and gets the viewer deeply involved into the plot. Although i got lost in it, this story is bound to intrigue once i get to slowly understand it.

2) Entertainment value – 16 / 25

The show was kept alive by the timeline switching and keeping my mind in a constant state of confusion. I won’t say that the whole show was very entertaining, more like you just go along with the flow of it.

3) Cast – 19 / 25

The cast are japanese actors and actresses that i am more familiar with. 唐沢寿明 and 常盤貴子 are once my on-screen favs. I see another cute babe at the end of the show, think she is gonna make more appearances at the second part.

4) Pace / Flow – 18 / 20

Pretty well-paced. Overall, the whole show is not fast paced, made easier for understanding.

Overall: 78 / 100

I am waiting for the second. In the meantime, i shall spend more time on the wiki entry trying to understand the story.