Its been an extremely boring and meaningless day at work. I received an email from the clerk that my boss had booked the air tickets for me to go Japan somewhere later this month for a trip to my vendor’s factory. This news didn’t go down well on me because

1) I told him i had some other plans for that weekend, apparently it didn’t bothered him one bit about my inconvenience.

2) He was rushing to get all the bookings done and i understand that he wants all these settled before the big boss come to his mind and decide against me going. I don’t really mind, I don’t really feel like going.

I am thinking, my boss is having the impression that i have always wanted to go to Japan. Yah, I do want to go to Japan badly, but i really think this is a bad time for me to go and in such a rush manner. I haven’t been feeling great lately about work, myself, my GF, my family, my financies. This is definitely not the time that i can feel enthusiatic and looking forward to the trip.

So a lousy day at work ends and i had to go to AMK central. My Hush Puppies black leather shoes decided to call it a day and one of them split open. I went to the cobbler to have them repaired.

I have never seen a cobbler at work before, therefore i have absolutely no idea when he said some sewing is required. He quoted $20 and one hour so i left him with my shoes and ten bucks, feeling optimistic that my shoes will turn out to be the way i expect them to be.

It wasn’t to be one hour later. He had sewed the soles slightly off and it looked pretty ugly since the shoe not longer looked normal. Somemore, the black threads that he used to sew are now all over the soles and ruined what was a clean look. In a word, the shoes are FUCKED.

I cannot accept this. I had him to re-do the shoe while i stood and watched. I nearly wanted to stop him and give up. I don’t think i will look at this pair of shoes the same way again. He didn’t give up though, it sure didn’t look easy to take out the threads and pry the shoes open again. And it definitely looked damn hard to sew the shoes. For a moment, i actually guilty.

He managed to get the shoe done. It was better but it looked more like a pair of BATA rather than what it originally was. I thanked him, pay him the balance and left. I am so going to bust my fucking weekly budget again.

I ran some errands for my mum at the supermarket and waited for a bus home at the interchange. At this moment, i was lamenting my down-ridden luck on a miserable day when this weird old man shoved his sickly face into mine.

SiMiLanJiao~ As soon as i looked up, he backed off and walked off. He didn’t go far though, came back round to circle me, peering at me under the fucking handkerchief covering his fucking face. I was used to encounters with the weird kinds, especially around AMK, so i just acted nonchalant and continued to wait for my bus. I must say though, i was very nearly on my limits and if he was to come to a fucking reachable distance, i will most certainly get physical.

Luckily for both of us, he didn’t and i got on my bus. Reached my home safely and still with a sound mind. What a mind-fucking day.

In case you think i have been getting more vulgar with my words, its because of the movie “My best friend’s girl" that i watched recently. Oh, i haven’t written the review of this movie yet, which is M18 not for any sex scenes (there aren’t any, only one scene with some nehneh and nipples) but for the extremely lively language used. Think of punctuations with “fuck", “cunt" and “pussy" and you get the idea.