I went to cycle after work today and popped over at the nearby bike shop. The front brakes has been a source of irritation and danger lately. Its constant creaking and squeaking mean the pads are wearing out and the braking has been getting weak and its driving me uncomfortable.

The bike shop uncle took a look and found the trouble. The brakes won’t return to the original position after the brake lever is released, causing the pads to rub against the tire rim. I don’t want an accident to happen due to poor brakes so i asked for a replacement. Damage was $13.

With new found confidence, i went to the park connector and the nearby bishan park. While attempting to drink and cycle at the same time, the bike drifted towards the kerb and i had to pull the brake lever. Since only my left hand was on the handle, i pulled the front brakes. The bike stopped. But i didn’t quite. I slipped off my seat and almost had my balls kissed the handle bars. I am impressed at both the new brakes and my dexterity.

While i am writing this post, my mum offered me a cup of yogurt. I had to take a look, the recent melamine in milk issue is getting more severe. Oh, so the brand is Meiji. Wait, wasn’t this brand part of those affected? Let’s see the label, it says “Product of Thailand". So i guess its pretty safe? Is it? Does Thailand have milk producing cows? Do they get their milk from China? Erm, am i thinking too much?

My mum’s face turned green when i suggested that Meiji products contained melamine and this cup of yogurt is possibly one of them. While she was still wondering if it was safe, i opened it and gulped down half before handing it to my mum. You don’t get kidney stone from half a cup of yogurt.