My list of interests is not long. In fact, it never got past five at any time. i mean any time because sometimes one or two do fade away and may or may not come back, while some stay for very very long time.

Among some of the interests that faded includes computer gaming, listening to beethoven and co, replica models of cars collecting etc. I still play Company of Heroes, NFS carbon occasionally but they are merely for those time-wasting periods between coming back from work and dinner-time. I still listen to classical music, in fact daily since i wake up to that every morning. I cannot say the same for car models collecting. Besides being an expensive and space-wasting hobby, i cannot see any physical beneficial advantages of this.

The pragmatism in me tells me that i must gain something from my hobbies, besides being enjoyable. Say for instance swimming. I enjoy going to the pool for a dip, maybe do a few laps or so and an occasional glance at the babes. At the end of the day, i feel healthier. Or listening to music and reading a book. Enjoyable? Definitely. Benefiting? Sure. Nothing is more stress-reliving to me than reading a book on a beach with music by the side. Oh, sorry about the beach.

In that view, i cannot tolerate activities which besides being enjoyable, contributes absolutely naught in terms of my well-being. Driving radio-controlled cars for instance. Enjoyable? Maybe, but do you learn to be a better driver? Nope. In fact, i see more harm than good, unless you consider exhaust sniffing and tires (money) burning as helpful. So how does some of my interests benefit me?

Photo taking. Not to act silly in front of a camera. I like taking pictures. Of scenery, people, objects or anything that catches my eye. Able to take good photos make me feel that i can re-live that moment again. The benefits here is not really quantifiable nor physically graspable. Its a feeling thing. If i push it further and try to make this a part-time kinda thing, maybe i can earn some moolah too. Its worth considering.

Cycling. I have not been a very active cyclist. 5 min trips to nearby soccer court or parks are not really activities. I have been treating my bicycle more as a form of cheap transportation, and i am definitely guilty of ill-treating my bike. Cycling has always been my preferred form of exercise, it allows me to go further and see more. Cycling can be done in the day, or at nite as long as one takes necessary measures. Cycling puts little stress on joints so injuries are minimal. As long as the weather permits, cycling beats jogging (which i absolutely hates) and swimming (you still need fine weather).

So it dawned on me few days back, that one (photography) might just help rekindle the other (cycling). Perhaps it was that recent trip to Lower Pierce. I realised i can go further, rather than places within 30min of cycling. And what’s better, i can treat this as a form of exercise with or without the camera. I just need to get all the things going, get the bike in road-worthy conditions and i am ready to go.