Recently, our dear PM announced a series of incentives for couples to give birth and thus increase the greying population of Singapore. He has been extremely kind, offering the carrot instead of stick to get the birth rate going.

Nah, below are some of the measures that i think will work jus as well, if not better. Of course, these are bound to receive many complains and criticism but they will come to accept it. See what happen to life annuity and integrated resorts?

Method 1:

Couples have sex but no babies. Why? Because there is a barrier commercially known as condom. While gahmen cannot ban condoms due to some reasons, they can surely impose a tax not unlike those on alcohol and cigarettes. When the price of condoms increase, couples will have no choice but bear the consequences of their urges. Somemore, this is another good source of revenue for the gahmen.

Method 2:

Work stress is killing the men sperms. Reduce the amount of hours married couples spend at work and you will get higher productivity in the bedrooms. Restrict the amount of hours of OT, fine companies when employees work too much. Hey, who say the gahmen can enjoy high procreation productivity without sacrificing anything?

Method 3:

Impose a higher fees for electricity used after 10pm. This way, married couples will feel the pinch and play less on PC, watch less TV. So where can they go beside the bedroom?

Method 4:

If method 3 is not easy to implement, then mediacorp can heed the gahmen’s calls and start showing porn after 10. If porn cannot kick start couples to start a healthy lifestyle, i dunnoe what can.


Make the bedroom activities more interesting and challenging. Young couples, who are at the prime to make babies, like challenges. At every solemnization, give a free copy of Kama Sutra to the newly weds. Gahmen should be more pro-active in getting the young couples to do it.

So, do you think my ways are better than those from gahmen?