The Beijing Olympics has just ended last nite and our very own ping pong team will be back here to celebrate the hard-fought silver medal. Or will they?

The team manager, Antony Lee was rather shocked to hear that his services will not longer be required by the very team he brought to Beijing to win a medal back. Apparently, the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) led by president Ms Lee Bee Wah, also an MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC i must stressed, felt that the absence of a coach during when the top singapore male player Gao Ning was playing was too much. He eventually lost to a much lower ranking player.

Although the explaination given was that one coach was supposed to be able to make it for Gao Ning’s match and then for another player Yangzi, the delay before Yangzi‘s match meant that the coach missed Gao Ning’s. Cannot blame the coach or the manager rite? Afterall, are Antony Lee or the head coach personally involved in the delay of the match and led to Gao Ning’s loss? Is she so sure that Gao Ning will win as long as there is a coach around?

So Ms Lee has claimed that the decision to ask Antony Lee to leave was made before the Olympics (zhun bo?) but i am sure many think otherwise. The untimely fashion of the announcement will lead people like me to think that she has a bone to pick with the manager or the head coach. She had just few days ago, so clearly expressed actions will be taken against someone responsible. So is all this a coincidence or wat? Also, i think Ms Lee can do much much better at breaking the news. Antony Lee only got to know this through some third party. I think this is utter dis-respect for someone who helped Singapore, in one way or another, clinched a Olympic medal that eluded Singapore for 48 years.

And what had Antony Lee, or the head coach done to directly cause Gao Ning’s loss? In the same way, we can ask what part has DPM Wong KS in the escape of Mas Selemat? If our PM has so graciously asked that we singaporeans not get into the habit of head cutting whenever a mistake was done, what has Ms Lee jus demostrate?

I am absolutely disgusted with the way she handled this issue. Yucks!