Went to pick up the GF today, but before that, i had to fix some power cable for her PC. To do that, i had to find an empty parking slot first. Rule #1, avoid vans and lorries. They are notorious for causing dents when they so carelessly open their doors. To adhere to this rule, i found a slot, two actually, and happily parked into one.

As i was poking at the parking coupon, one small Kancil filled with a whole Indian clan came into the lot beside mine. At the front passenger seat was an elderly Indian lady with a little boy sitting on her lap. As they were about to open the door, i felt a sick feeling coming. Its one of those where you anticipate something undesirable is about to happen.

The young boy, so carelessly, kicked the door open and straight into mine with a loud “Thud". Seriously, i was not shocked. Something like this is bound to happen one day but of all people, why Indians? And why when i was still in the car looking at him?

So i shifted my stare into the driver, presumably the father. And the lady. And the boy all at the same time. I could feel my blood boiling and i could really do something regretful, but i don’t really want something like tat to happen. I got off the car to inspect the damage and truthfully, i expected something worse. Maybe Kancil doors are not that solid afterall, but the damage is done and i really had to give the driver a “hullo? what’s the meaning of this" look.

He could only manage “I am very sorry" X 5 times and i don’t see a point in getting some monetary compensation. The dumb kid went to the back door and while trying to get to the back passengers, nearly repeat his irresponsible act again to my back doors. I could imagine my hands on his neck and squeezing every bit of air from him should he had really done so.

I told the driver “forget it" since this whole incident was caused by a kid and kids, being kids, do not understand what went through the minds of adults. I was sure i had caused misery to some poor adults when i was young (as an adult, i still cause misery to others) so i really see no point in pursuing this matter.

So for the rest of the day, i seek retail therapy to sooth my aching heart.

Bought a CD from That CD Shop at suntec. The album is Mansion 3 from High Society, a compilation of lounge music and acid jazz. I thought this would be great driving tunes as i got bored from radio.

Comes with a nice silky smooth pouch too.

You get all this for $29. I wouldn’t really spend moolah on CDs like this but today, i need to. Am listening to it while writing this post.

Went to buy a pair of shoes from Hush Puppies. Not an impulse buy, i have been eyeing this pair for like 2 weeks? Had to ask the sales-lady at suntec outlet to check with other outlets for the color and my size since it was no stock.

Tiring and frustrating day. I don’t really feel anything negative for people of Indian race. I enjoyed Indian food and have no problems buying stuffs from Mustafa. I hope i stayed like this tomorrow morning when i see the scratches on my car door again. In the meantime, i shall listen to the CD and wear my shoes to sleep.