Its 9th August today and in Singapore, we celebrate our 43rd National Day.

As a Singaporean, i shared the nation’s pride and joy in the journey made this far. From a small unknown fishing village, singaporeans overcame many obstacles and setbacks to turn into the developed nation today. So on this day, when Singapore turn 43, its time to find out what exactly i loved about my country.

1) Leaders running the country with exceptional foresight and wisdom that can only be gained after joining certain political party. With a salary pegged to the best in private sectors, they are almost incorruptible but not always infallible. Even grave mistakes can be forgiven so they, while enjoying the best perks of both the private and public sectors, run the country to ensure that Singaporeans like me die without seeing a large part of our own hard-earned monies.

2) World-class transport system of bus and train companies which are more interested in profits rather than serving the public. Removing bus lines running along new train routes totally destroy one’s freedom to choose whichever is more convenient or efficient. Increasing frequency of train services during lunch hour is so totally hearing our needs. Peace-disturbing TVs on buses is like, so totally entertaining.

3) Media (newspapers, radio, TVs, getting to internet) to spread the word. Or should i say, there is no word. Total shutoff and biased, our media is wholly gahmen owned and it certainly does not bite the hand that feeds. Oh boy, don’t i love our media, if i am working for them.

4) Multi-racial, multi-national people to make up Singaporeans. No, me is not being racist or anything, i don’t despise bhanglars, china-men. I do sometimes admire them for their diligence and willingness to slog hard (for whatever reasons) and take up jobs that local-borns shun. However, i really feel the imbalance when i knew of them doing things like groping during countdown parties (i heard those bhanglars are responsible), or some talents pushing the locals’ pay down blah blah. Some even have the cheek to as for the benefits only locals enjoyed (for now).

5) The growing disparity between the have’s and the have’s-not. COE for small cars are dropping every bid (i am getting over this), a clear indication of the slowing buying market. Yet, brands like Ferrari, Porsche are posting record sales. See? I always tot that Singapore is a nice place to be in, seriously, but only if you are rich.

6) Singapore is such a hot place. The only variation in seasons i can get here is hot and wet, hot and very wet, hot and dry or just hot. And i happen to hate hot weather because i sweat very easily. But on the other hand, thankfully for this weather, my wardrobe is simple (read cheap to maintain).

7) Singapore is a food paradise. Satay, 海南雞飯, 炒粿條, 豬雜湯, durian, chilli crabs…. a variety of delicious yummies that can be found all over the island if one spend some efforts to find and travel. I don’t live my life based on “Live to eat" motto but i believe in enjoying good food whenever possible. Here I also get to choose from Italian, Japanese, French, Turkish, Taiwanese restaurants should i wish to.

8) Roads. I must say, our roads, with all the road signs, never-ending re-paving, are really comforting if you seen the roads overseas. I don’t really complain about roads, except when i am have to pay to use them. I really enjoy driving so this silly ERP thingy is a total killjoy to me.

9) Friends. My friends, family are all here. I am so familiar with everything here, although its slowly changing with the increasing foreign talents. I feel so at home here, although it changing with more friends immigrating overseas. I have a job here, although its starting to dawn on me with this job, i can say goodbye to financial freedom.

10) Whenever i go overseas for work or holiday and i returned via Changi airport, i always get a coming-home feeling in the taxi towards my home. I always enjoyed myself during my holidays in HK, Taiwan etc so it feels extremely sucky on the flight back. But once touchdown, everything becomes so familiar again.

Ok, so i don’t really love everything written above. I am not a fan of our main ruling party, I harbored intentions to immigrate (become a quitter!), but there are some here that my heart become attached to. I still call Singapore my home, my country.

Happy National Day!