My little suzie hit 1k mileage sometime last week but i only managed to get a appt with Champion Motors at Pandan Cres for a servicing date this week, yesterday actually. By the time i arrived at the workshop, the actual mileage is 1319km and i was 10min late.

Nevertheless, my car was promptly sent to the workshop after the servicing guy ask me a few questions. I highlighted that i brought along my own engine oil, Carlube 5W30 which cost me $59.90 at Tampines Giant. Speaking of this, only on friday evening, i was jalan-ing at AMK hub NTUC when i saw the same oil selling at $39.90. I was disgusted that i lost $20 over one week’s difference. Pui~

Anyway, i found a comfortable seat at the waiting lounge and read the sat papers i bought earlier. Its gonna be a two hours wait so i better make myself comfortable and occupied.

I went to the showroom nearby to take a look at the rally SX-4 on display. Its not really a rally car per se. The spoiler, decals and larger rims set it apart from mine, not forgetting to mention the extra $5k in price too.  I was not really impressed, the extras-loaded swift caught my attention instead. Coming now with a touch-screen audio system with GPS, auto-folding side mirrors with indicators, new 3 tier boot, i think its really value for money and sure to give potential Jazz/fit buyers some serious considerations.

It was time to collect my car and they give it a good wash and wipe as well. The rims are clean again, they even gloss the tyres. The service guy noticed i had some deep scratches so he offered to apply some paint onto the scratches to prevent them from rusting. I am really satisfied with the service i got.